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Alex and Jesus attempt to sound like they know something as they give their thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead.
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Dec 26, 2016

The boys at the SolidNonFail Podcast have got a big announcement about their upcoming project in 2017!

And we need suggestions on a name for the new podcast! Please leave your best ideas in the comments section. We can't wait to get up and running in the new year!

Dec 7, 2016

Another great week in the MFL, and another Solid Non-Fail Podcast to tell you all about it. We've got the major storylines from week 9, and a tell-all preview of week 10. Lots of trade talk as the season heats up and we head down the stretch into the playoffs. How valuable are those #1 picks? We discuss Jim's obsession with obtaining a QB and a #1 from some unsuspecting owner. Bold predictions, and stories of Draft Glory as Vince (Tweakers) stops by to help with this week's Owner Interview: Scott (Team Scottish). All this and more can be yours! For the low-low cost of a #1 Draft pick . . . Kidding of course. Come take a listen!

Nov 5, 2016

The guys have quite a bit of ground to cover as they sort through the wreckage left in the wake of the Black Division's Week 8 destruction of the Blue Division. As we clean up the second week of inter-divisional doubleheaders, we pass the midway point of the season and hit the downhill stretch. Things are heating up in both Divisions, so the boys invited League Commissioner Wayne (Cunning Linguists) into the Solid Non-Fail Podcast studio to lend his experienced eye to the fortunes of the playoff hopefuls. Lots of fun stories and insight from one of the founding Milwaukee Football League members. Plus we start a new segment: Let's Help Homer (Cardiac Killers) Get That First Win!

We've recently had some upgrades to the audio in the Solid Non-Fail Studio, so we hope this adds to the quality of your listening experience. And please send us some questions that you'd like the fellas to answer at

Nov 3, 2016

We've finally made it to Midseason of the MFL and it's time to break down all the action! The Solid Non-Fail Podcasters are back in the studio to discuss the doubleheader games in Week 6, as well as some heartbreaking losses and questionable decisions in Week 7. Joining the Podcast in this week's Owner Interview Segment for this special Midseason Episode, we welcome both Pete (Dragons) and Ryan (Eyes on the Prize). Rivalries both new and old ahead in Week 8 as we face our second slate of doubleheaders! The boys predict the winners of each contest, and bestow their Fail-Scale Midseason Awards!

Stay tuned next week for our Owner Interview with our esteemed commissioner, Wayne (Cunning Linguists). And please drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to hear about in Episode 7! Any questions for the Commish?

Oct 31, 2016

In Episode 5, the fellas at the Solid Non-Fail Podcast tackle Week 5 of the MFL Season. The decisions, the tears, the glory! And while they're at it, they break down the upcoming Inter-Divisional Double-Header contests in Week 6. Can Vince's Team (Tweakers) be saved with a big trade? We explore the overall Black Division vs. Blue Division double-header records over the past 4 years. As a special treat, we look back on the unique love affair between Scott (Irish Fire) and Josh Gordon over the years. And we answer our first write-in question concerning the Injured Reserve Rules. All this and more on Episode 5_ Week 6 of the 2016 MFL Podcast!

And stay tuned next episode for the coveted Mid-Season Awards...

Please leave us a comment...

Oct 26, 2016

The Boys are Back to recap a wild Week 3 and Week 4 in the MFL, with an eye towards a few Week 5 showdowns. Vince Clore, lead guitarist for the band The Gleasons, sits down in our Owner Interview segment to discuss the state of his franchise, where his team name came from, and he, of course, weighs in on the Brangelina situation which is tearing the country apart. Plus, Football and stuff!! Get those rosters set, and join Alex (Cougar Meat), Jim (Funkee Munkees) and Jesus (Achievers) for another look at the wacky-wild world of Fantasy Football through the lense of the Solid Non-Fail Podcast.

Sep 17, 2016

It isn't often in Podcast Journalism that you get to break a story live on-air. But that's exactly what happened in Episode 3: Week 1 of our 2016 MFL Podcast! We break down the illegal lineup accidentally submitted by one of our owners in Week 1, discuss any historical precedences, and conclude with forfeiture speculation. And that's on top of our weekly breakdown of the MFL Games!

We tackle all of the matchups in Week 1 of the 2016 Milwaukee Football League, including Jim's (Funkee Munkees) "no kicker" strategy vs. Alex's (Cougar Meat) "no TE" strategy. We wrap up our thoughts on the 2016 MFL Draft, and share some fond memories of previous drafts, including Jim's history of terrible 1st Round picks. Will Jim trade out of the First Round next year, just to be safe?

And in our BONUS coverage, we sit down with Jesus Sandoval (Achievers) in the first of our MFL Owner Interviews to discuss his team, his chances this year of capturing the elusive MFL Championship, and Jesus lays down the gauntlet for Ryan (Eyes on the Prize), his opponent in Week 2. So, download the podcast, give a listen, and jot down a comment for us.

Sep 13, 2016

Welcome to our Second Episode of the 2016 Season: The Draft!

And what a collaborative episode it was. We've got a post-draft postmortem where we lay the body of the draft on the table and slice it open from stem to sternum. Joining host Alex (Cougar Meat) after the draft to help dissect, is the esteemed group of Jesus (Achievers), Jim (Funkee Munkees), Ryan (Eyes on the Prize), and Vince (Tweakers). What were some of the groups opinions on the best picks in this year's dynasty draft? Who were the reachers and who let the draft fall into their lap? We break down every team, talk some smack, and wet our whistle while diving deep into the 2016 picks.

And then stay tuned for bonus coverage, recorded live at The Draft! Get the full experience of the excitement that is...the MFL Draft. We've got Page's phone-in pick at number 2 overall, a breakdown of the annual running back run in the first round, speculation on whether "Ryan" (Eyes on the Prize) is a real owner, or just an actor hired by Jesus in a grand scheme to own two MFL teams. And then Pete (Dragons) threatens to cut someone's throat. This Draft has it all! Hope you enjoy listening, and make sure to leave a comment.

Sep 10, 2016

2016 Milwaukee Football League Champ Jim Anderson and MFL Podcast Host Alex Coon ramp up for the start of the 2016 Season. And that means Draft Time!

With the upcoming dynasty league draft, we've got lots of analysis of this year's picks in the rookie class. Who do we think Page will take with the #2 overall pick? Who's getting cut this season? Which MFL teams show the most promise this year? We give some advice on finding the right trade partners in a league with very shrewd and careful owners. And we have some fun at Jim's expense discussing some of his draft misses in past years. Welcome to the 2016 MFL season as we crack a brew, pour a bit out for our lost homies (ie Calvin Johnson), and slip into the warm fuzzy blanket of frustration that is...The Milwaukee Football League.

Jun 22, 2016

Alex, Jesus and Vince ramble on for about an hour or two about how much respect they have lost for the walking dead franchise. We detail, in very vivid terms, exactly where we think the show could be doing a better job of storytelling. Pease join us as we tell a humorous tale of foolhardy writers and the awkward stories they tell...For the most part, mostly nonsense....hope you'll be entertained! Or at the very least, slightly amused!

Thank you for stumbling upon Fear The Drinking Dead, A Solid Non-Fail Podcast!!

May 12, 2016

Alex, Jesus and Vince ramble on for about an hour about the current episode of Fear The Walking Dead! For the most part, mostly nonsense....hope you'll be entertained! Or at the very least, slightly amused!

Thank you for stumbling upon Fear The Drinking Dead, A Solid Non-Fail Podcast!!

Apr 15, 2016

Alex, Jesus and Vince ramble on for about an hour about the current episode of Fear The Walking Dead! For the most part, mostly nonsense....hope you'll be entertained! Or at the very least, slightly amused!

Thank you for stumbling upon Fear The Drinking Dead, A Solid Non-Fail Podcast!!